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Little kids know his name by heart. They look to him for confidence that they are doing what is right. But as we grow older we realize we were foolish. That childhood fantasies never were real. That dreams are just dreams and that life is without magic. And so, with age, comes reality, and with reality, comes a loss of dreaming. But what if Santa really did exist? And what if he really did bring us gifts? Just we didn't realize it because soon it becomes "too childish" to believe in such foolish things. But if one was to just look back at Christmas would they not find, if not one, then multiple people that find joy in the gifts that have been given and the joy that had been brought to you? Is there not, at least, one person that tries to make you happy? No friends? No family? Not even Mom or Dad?

And so I bring forth evidence that Santa Clause is something real, not a figment of childhood imagination that drives us on to be good little kids. For one thing, I ask that you look at what is known as the Cookies and Milk tradition. A tradition that brings with each kid hopes that Santa will eat these delights and drink their milk so that they knew he came. Well is it not so that, when you grow older, you find out that your parents all those years had been the ones drinking and eating? Evidence had been shown that they had been there, and will be there, for you, as they provide that small amount of evidence to a child that this "Santa" had been there; they fueled on the hope of you, as a child, that someone would make you happy and have they not made you happy? Sure they can get on your nerves but they provide for you and allow you sweet entertainments of your time. So while this may not be a man in a red suit, plump and jolly—at least not always—they have still performed this tradition that shows us that yes, Santa is there.

Santa also pushes a kid on to be good and gives children a hope that though we cannot see the future, dreams still have substance and are able to come true. Do our parents not push us? Hoping that they push us down the correct path, and that we may live happily and not cause them grief and heartache? Santa was not the only one that hoped beyond all hope that you, for your sake, would make it onto the "nice list." Parents do not wish to see children in jail or hurt because they have taken a wrong turn, a wrong path. They want to see us grow up in happiness live a successful life. So are they not both pushing us forward on a path that they know will cause fewer problems for us in the future? They are, and though we try to rebel we know, deep in our hearts, as their children, that they are correct. And because they try to push down a path that has a more probable chance of a successful it also pushes us down a path that allows dreams to gain substance and allows us to reach out for them and hopefully take them in hand and be happy that they have come true.

Everything points that Santa is real. Just, Santa's image distorts the reality of who s/he really is. For he is not just one person, but multiple. Santa Clause is really every friend and family member that pushes us forward through dreams and goodness. But most of all, he is our parents. People that only try to give their children a reason to dream and happiness to live on. There is the evidence of Santa Clause, the reason that we can say, even in older years, that he exists.

Merry Christmas.
To: Mom and Dad
From: Your Daughter
So being poor I didn't have money to buy my parents stuff. So I wrote this as their Christmas gift. It was accepted in our school's literary magazine so it's being published as a hard copy as well. Woo.
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April 30, 2011
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